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We are excited to announce our World Changer Scholarship program designed specifically to support your passion, your purpose, and your World Changing efforts.


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World Changer Scholarship!


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$2000 scholarship as follows: $1,000 personal scholarship, to be used on anything you want... because it's ALL ABOUT YOU! $500 donation to your school and $500 in support of your cause.

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Sarah is a World Changer by being a loving, charitable person who advocates for women and the sanctity of life.


Film Director
Sydney is a World Changer by creating documentaries and using the medium of film to bring awareness to important issues.


Singer &
Kenzie is a World Changer who uses her voice and her music to uplift and inspire others.


Olivia is a World Changer who has pledged her scholarship money to purchase instruments for children so they can change the world through music too.


Child Advocate &
Caitlin is a World Changer who volunteers her time to help under-privileged children have equal opportunities to accomplish their dreams.


Dre is a World Changer who works hard to make the most of her opportunities in education and in the arts to be the best she can be.


Eagle Scout
Anthony is a World Changer who has dedicated himself in service to God, his country, his family, and the community.


Graceann is a World Changer who shares her love of horses with children and helps them master equestrian skills.


Musician &
India is a World Changer who, as an Outreach volunteer, donates her time to provide sustenance and comfort for the homeless in our community.


Ruthie is a World Changer who, through her writing and participation in Toe Tag Monologues, creates awareness and inspires compassion for those who need to heal.


Horses4Heroes Volunteer
Lorelei is a World Changer by dedicating her summers to serving the community as a Horses4Heroes volunteer.

Alex &James

& Advocates for the blind
Alex and James are World Changers who volunteer their time at Nevada Children's Blind Foundation to help visually impaired students build, design, and compete in Robotics.

Help us understand what you're doing to make the world a better place.
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  • Essay
  • Scrapbook Page
  • Video*
  • Photographs/Pictures
  • Short Story
  • Social Media
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Artwork (any form)

*Upload your video (30 seconds or less) to YouTube and email the link to

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Twelve finalists will be selected. Three of the twelve finalists will receive a $2000** scholarship, and the remaining nine finalists will receive a $250 scholarship. Each finalist will receive a scholarship, a feature in our 2020 calendar, and a feature on our website to bring awareness and support to his or her world-changing efforts.

**The 3 finalists will receive their $2000 scholarship as follows: $1,000 personal scholarship, $500 donation to your school, and $500 in support of your cause.

Entry Deadline is September 9, 2019
Some limitations and exclusions may apply.